Weather for the cottage and coastal climate

Live weather

The villa Pors Raden where the cottage is located is equipped with a weather station. It runs 24h / 24h. This is a professional weather station Davis Vantage Pro 2. The banner below is updated every 15 minutes. By clicking on this weather banner you can also access the live weather station at Trebeurden.

Live weather banner Trebeurden
Click    on the banner to access live weather station

Weather forecast Meteo France

To know the weather of the day or the weather trend during 14 days visit the website called Meteo France below :

Click    the thumbnail for Meteo France forecasts for the coming 14 days

Tide timetable

Whether for shore fishing or stroll in the islands at low tide (Roche Mignonne, Milliau, Aganton, Molène, Losquet ...) it is very important to have a look at the schedules tides for not being trapped by the flood tide. So, we'll give you on your arrival the schedules tides. You can also come back to this current page where the tide timetable is updated every day. Living with the tides is an opportunity to see scenery changing every 6 hours and enjoy this great open space. See an accelerated video (time lapse) of large tides viewed from the cottage.

Click on Trebeurden at the top of the SHOM thumbnail to get the tide forecast at 7 days.

Coastal climate

In Trebeurden, the climate is oceanic : mild and never cold. The tides and the winds of the Brittany coast make the changing sky and offer several seasons in the same day. All the day long, lights and clouds move and look like a show. Even with a low-pressure (depression), we see the sun at least once a day. The coast is very jagged, there is always one cove or one place sheltered from the wind and sunny where it's pleasant to be. In spring, in summer and in early autumn the anticyclones are often present and the sun generous. Beware the UV in seafront.

Changeable weather over the Bay of Lannion
Beautiful light on the Lannion Bay seen from the cottage
Beautiful weather over the Bay of Lannion
Summer anticyclone (high pressure) over the Bay of Lannion seen from the cottage

When to come ?

In winter

By the seaside, it never freezes. The first migratory birds come to Brittany during December because the weather is mild. That's the case of goose named "'Bernache Cravant". Then, the gannets called "Fou de Bassan" come in January (around 20.000 couples of birds). The bird reproduction happens in the islands so called "les 7 îles". From Décember to April, the gorse and the broom begin to bloom. In February, mimosas's parfum is given off. In winter, sky is powerful and ocean is tempestuous. Winter is also for people who like to be in the strong natural elements. See the video : the storm Winfried.

Strom Winfried at Ile Grande
Storm Winfried (at Ile Grande)
Mimosas in bloom in the park
Mimosas in bloom in the park

In spring

Rhododendron in bloom in the park
Rhododendron in bloom in the park
Wild blackthorn's in bloom on the coast
Wild blackthorn's in bloom (on the coast)

In the cottage's park, we can hear the birds singing and smell the scent of flowers (see the video of the wild blackthorn's flowers). The days are long. The sunny days are frequent and the sandy beaches are deserted. This is a great season for hiking. The brittany strawberry called "Gariguette" is on sale in markets starting April. It's sweet and juicy.

In summer

There are many festivals and festivities. You can learn Breton dance, learn how to recognize birds, seaweeds, to fish, to navigate, to swim or you can sunbathe on the beach, go to amusement parks, go to restaurants...

If you are lucky maybe you'll see from the cottage (at the end of June and the beginning of July) several species of dolphins : unforgettable...

Kayak at island Milliau
Kayak at island Milliau
Sailing school on the beach Tresmeur
Sailing school on the beach Tresmeur

In autumn

Sun rays obliques from the cottage
Sun rays obliques from the cottage
Festival of the foreshore on beaches
Festival of the foreshore on beaches

It's common to have good weather ans «indian summer». Some festivals happen in this time. The sun is low and the sunlight illuminate the coast. Like springtime, this is a great season for hiking or for visiting. It's the season of the scallops named "coquille St Jacques". It begins from October until March. This is a delicious shellfish. Enjoy it with a "plateau de fruits de mer" which come from the oyster farmer.

All year

You are welcome and we will be happy to advise you about the "Côte de Granit Rose". Every season is good for visiting Trébeurden, for its scenery, its villages, its authenticity and its gastronomy.