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What a joy to be back here for the third time.

Christine, Jean-Pierre, Nicole and Frederic
May 2022

The view took our breath away.

Ingrid, Michael, Evan and Nathan
Mar 2022

We found our paradise here.

Ursula and Floris
Sep 2021

Big crush.

Estelle et Valerie Morgan and Samuel
Feb 2020

This view of the sea will remain forever in our memory.

Nathalie, Julien, Yvonne and Colette
Feb 2020

... the sea view is breathtaking and the welcome is very warm.

Laetitia, Franck, Amaury and Elinor
Oct 2018

An enchanted interlude

Lucile and Robert
Sep 2018

... two happy weeks in your paradise.

Ursula und Floris
Sep 2018

Den Blick und den zauberhaften Park werden wir sehr vermissen ...

Henning, Christina, Moritz und Justus
Aug 2018

Thank you for sharing this amazing place!

Elise, Jean and Felix
May 2018

When will we return to Pors Raden?

Annie and Christian
Mar 2018

4th stay, always perfect!

Gwenael and Marie-Pierre
Mar 2018

Thank you for sharing this WONDERFUL place!

Claudine, Patrick, Lauriane
Mar 2018

3 splendid days, sun, sea, mimosas

Fanny and Kevin
Feb 2018

WOW !!

Sophie and Antoine
Feb 2018

Stay 4 days, stay too short!

Jacques and Karine
Nov 2017

What an amazing view from breakfast to dinner

Christelle, Marie-Claire, Kim
Nov 2017

It is a real heartbreak to leave this haven of peace...

Fabien, François, Constance and Remi
Sep 2017

Wie im Paradies. Herrlich!

Julia, Elmar, Ada und Carla
Aug 2017

The "coup de foudre" was instantaneous

Corinne, Stephan et Raphaël
Jul 2017

Two superb weeks!

Paul, Gaelle and Pierre
May 2017

The 'magic' of the place confirms that we were not mistaken

Romane, Charlotte, Caroline and Cyrille
Apr 2017

A beautiful place, weekend rest

Dominique and Martine
Mar 2017

Splendid surroundings, best-in-class accommodation

Marie-Pierre, Jean-Luc, Anthony, Anais, Hugo
Feb 2017

In short ... PERFECT !

Myriam, Jordan and Romane
Feb 2017

A true haven of peace and beauty

Ceine, Michel, Patrick and Sophie
Dec 2016

Delightful holidays with the sun, in this beautiful cottage

Francoise, Patrick and Anne-Marie
Oct 2016

No better place to enjoy ...

Saartje, Geart, Kris and Niels
Aug 2016

Great view on the sea

Juergen and Susanne
Aug 2016

NOT want to leave ...

Famille Florent / Chassin
Jul 2016

"Le pas que beau immobile"

Laurence and marc
Jun 2016

What a wonderful place

Debie and Steeve
Jun 2016

The best lodging of France

Enami and Mark
May 2016

It's a magical place

Laurence and Michaël
Apr 2016

An unforgettable stay

Jean and Lut
Mar 2016

A panoramic splendid view

Sylvie and Daniel
Mar 2016

Every day was an enchantment

Léona and Daniel
Sep 2015

The silence = 10 / 10

Karel & Sofie, Caroliem, Kamiel
Jul 2015

A delightful stay in this unique location

Guillaume, Anne-Laure, Juliette & Marine
Jul 2015

We leave with a stronger energy boost

Stéphanie, Julien, Mathis and Maëva
Jul 2015

The panoramic view is magnificent and immortal

Axelle, Fabrice and Florian
Jun 2015

A peaceful haven in which to rest

Sylvie and Eric
May 2015

Our hearts missed a beat due to the beauty of this place

Thierry, Nicole, Mireille and Patrick
Mar 2015

A welcome worthy of this place

Mickaël, Laurence & Neil
Feb 2015

The place is very peaceful and relaxing

Jérôme and Fabienne
Feb 2015

Black-headed gulls at the forefront of Bihit
Black-headed gulls at the forefront of Bihit (Trebeurden)