Videos of the apartment and its surroundings

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Scenic view of the sea from the apartment

This short video provides an overview of life on the terrace of the cottage Pors Raden in Cote de Granit Rose. The view is impressive, absolute peace, nature everywhere, well being obvious ...

View from the sky

At the end of the day in January, a drone films the Pors Raden villa. The apartment is on the ground floor, facing the sea. The mimosa trees are beginning to bloom.

Big blue at the foot of the lodging

Discover the tip Bihit in Trebeurden (5 minutes from the lodging walking) by the GR34 coastal path which runs right at the bottom of the property.

Open sea view from the cottage

Scenic view of the Bay of Lannion, view from the cottage. We see successively Locquemeau and the tip of Sehar, the tip of Dourven and the estuary of Leguer, the beach of Beg Leguer and cliffs of Pors Mabo. The small island is called the Roche Mignonne.

The wild creek at the foot of the property

A 360-degrees view of the cove Pors Raden at high tide. The cove is located just down the property. On the video, we see the Villa Pors Raden and the park until to the sea.

Floral explosion in the park

In early April, spring is beautiful on the coast of Brittany, and especially in the Tregor. The wild blackthorns on the coast explode in white. The brooms are covered with yellow and the gillyflowers open out yellow and purple. This video taken from the cottage provides an overview of that particular time where the trees and shrubs do not have yet their leaves, allowing their flowers to open up.

High tides

High tides are great shows. This timelpase (accelerated movie) viewed from the cottage was taken in February 2015 during the high tides just before the tide of the century. We see in particular the island of Roche Mignonne become one peninsula.

Gust in winter

In late January 2015, a large depression called Mischka affects Europe. The video, taken from the cottage Pors Raden at Trebeurden in Brittany, shows the sea and the sky heckled by this storm. The wind is blowing with gusts to 100 kmh. The Bay of Lannion, is however sheltered from the swell and wind.

Strong waves

In late February 2015, the powerful Wilfried depression generates a very large swell in the North Atlantic and the English Channel. The video, taken next to the cottage Pors Raden, at the tip of the Ile Grande, shows the impressive waves that reach the coast..

Happy from Trébeurden

Music video directed by the in-habitants of Trébeurden on the song of Pharrell Williams.

Feeling Trebeurden

Located west of the Pink Granite Coast, Trébeurden offers its riches: water sports, relaxing on the beaches of fine sand or gourmet restaurants. Trébeurden is today one of Breton cities that has the largest area of preserved areas: almost half of its territory is protected.